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The Restaurant Zibu is created entirely around the menu. The architecture is mixed with Asian and tropical. It attaches great importance to the natural elements and the region: the stone, the palapa, wood, bamboo. The architecture is not imposed to customers, but rather compliments your eye.

The entrance is navigation by the stars and planets in the seas full of uncertainty, but also full of promise of a better future.The are important elements: water, earth, wind and fire remind us of our roots with the universe.

In the waiting area is a map decorative spice route to the intrepid sailors roamed to celebrate the most important trade event of the time.

The restaurant design was created with the main outdoor restaurant, a lounge with air conditioning, bar and area expected, with a spectacular cellar, bar served to customers were not inconvenienced by service personnel, were designed bathrooms with plenty of natural beauty and original details for both floors of the restaurant and most importantly implemented the latest technology to cooking equipment that could work with the highest standards of quality and professionalism.