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Our menu is designed to suit the Mexican palate while still being enjoyable for international tourists, among the favorites are: the marinated fish with julienned mango and Indian nut. Thai Salad with shrimp tempura. Wild mushrooms with vinaigrette of mint and sweet Coconut Soup among others. We choose the best dishes that offer the extraordinary combinations of flavors of Thai cuisine imagine and we merged with high Mexican cuisine to create a new culinary concept Melting MEXTAI food.

The food MEXTAI has the audacity to mix it spicy. the sour, sweet, salty and bitter. with results that surprised to explode on the palate. All the ingredients we use are original and the products are fresh and top quality.

estrellaThai ingredients

From Thai ingredients we use we mention the most important and pervasive.

Nam Pla: This is better known by the generic fish sauce and is considered "soy sauce of Thai cuisine". It is a basic setup anchovy sun dried and then fermented in brine.

Kha: Known as Galanga or galangal and is a root similar to ginger but in a much deeper taste.

Gati Nam: It's just coconut milk. It is the warning that coconut water, but squeezed from grated coconut mixture. Enrich and more creamy sauces.